Question by  isabella (46)

Can you suggest something fun to do on the computer?

I love SIMS, but my dad won't let me play it anymore.


Answer by  willow27 (34)

There are games such as Oregon Trail, Wolf Quest and numerous Tycoon games. These games are not only educational but fun. If you have access to the internet there is websites such as big fish games. These sites allow you to try games out for a short period of time and it is free.


Answer by  Kymberee (127)

Gamewise, there are many things to do online. You could start playing a free multiplayer game, like MapleStory. You could also join SecondLife, which is kind of like The Sims.


Answer by  HP4life (63)

I am not sure if you have the Internet, but there are many free games online. You can do a search for free online games. If you do not have the Internet, I recommend Bejeweled, which can be found online, but also purchased on disk.


Answer by  BeautyOfAnarchy (58)

Browse the internet for online games, search in google for simulation online and try out online games. Also you could go to ebay and order some new game.


Answer by  Redav (231)

You can try games like Empire Earth or Age of Empire, because they are history related so you can say you are playing and learning at the same time.


Answer by  hms119324 (19)

Well, If you cant play SIMS, Then play some online games on sites like facebook such as Farmville,etc. Or some other games on the PC such as NFS.

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