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Question by  James10 (29)

Can you suggest some free music tones?


Answer by  Badymaru (119)

Yes. There is a website called FreePlayMusic that contains a multitude of free music. Also, the music is all royalty free so you can use it for video projects or other things of that sort.


Answer by  cmhooe (64)

I love telling other people where to go to get free ringtones. The site that i usally use is my tiny phone. You can send them direstly to your phone or download it to the computer so you can send itto your phone with a usb cord.


Answer by  lanadavies (127)

If you want free music tones, first check and see if your phone accepts mp3 files. If so, you can upload any file you want.


Answer by  Chiyamaka (846)

Look for ringtones on Google, there are usually some free tones. All classical music by Beethoven or Mozart are free. There is also a new Japanese Pop group known as "Sugar and the Honey Tones" that sometimes offer free tones, look them up and you'll find their Myspace or webpage.

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