Question by  afc1968 (17)

Can you suggest some electricity science experiments?

My son needs an idea for the science fair. He is 11.


Answer by  Deus (86)

Make a simple circuit. Or a solar car using a small solar panel. You could also test the electroconductivity of stream water as it flows from its source to the sea. I did that once. Another fun project is to use a device called a microcontroller to build a robot. I suggest the Arduino microcontroller.


Answer by  TheWiz (21)

Take a small plastic hair comb and comb through your hair about five times. Then, go to a sink and adjust the water so there is a slow and narrow flow. Place the comb just next to the water and see what happens!


Answer by  gin (366)

What fruit will make a light bulb light? Can a certain fruit run a toy? Can you make enough electricity with a small amount of water to light a bulb?

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