Question by  NikiWOW (11)

What are some experiments on watering plants with acidic liquids?

I need a science experiment for school.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

I would suggest using bean plants, most experiments use this durable fast growing plant. You will need a basic understanding of how Ph levels affect plant growth.


Answer by  worker5661 (131)

grow 2 sets plants of two different species (e. i. two tomato plants and two basil plants) using the same fertilizer and soil mixture. give them equal sunlight and equal amounts of water everyday, recording every step. a few weeks in, start watering one plant of each species some acidic water. records how this affects the plants.


Answer by  srainne (2597)

Are you researching the effects of acid rain on plant growth? If so, plant two similar plants in two separate pots using one plant as the normal constant and the other plant as the experiment. Water both plants as usual, but water one with a water/lemon juice (or other acidic liquid) instead of plain water. Monitor growth.


Answer by  ash23 (34)

some of the acidic liquid will give pesticides and nutrients for plants. But some of the acidic acid will destroy the plants. the acitic acid will destroy the germs and bacteria present in the plants.

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