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Question by  jo10 (2)

Can you substitute yams for sweet potatoes in a recipe?

Is there a difference?


Answer by  AmberS (31)

Yes, yams can be substituted for sweet potatoes in recipes and vice versa. The two can be used interchangeably. Yams have thinner, smoother skin than sweet potatoes. Yams have brown skin, while sweet potatoes are yellowish. Sweet potatoes are moister and yams taste slightly drier. Sweet potatoes have a sweeter taste than the starchy yam.


Answer by  CateP (171)

Yams and Sweet Potatoes are the same thing. They are just called different names due to geography and various cultures calling them by the name used in their native country. So yes you can do the substitution with no worries!

posted by Anonymous
The vitamins do differ in each so NO they are not the same thing. They are highly similar but NOT the same. Even TWINS are not exactly the same.....RESEARCH before speaking!  add a comment
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