Question by  crazymanforever (32)

Can you retrieve cleared history?


Answer by  Brian73 (90)

It's possible, but it's rather hard to do so. The best method of retrieving deleted data is by using a so-called "undeleter". When you delete files on your computer, you are not actually deleting the data, but rather telling your computer to forget about the data and act as if it isn't there anymore.


Answer by  PowerIsMe (844)

In general the answer is no. But depending on which history you are trying to retrieve, it may be possible. Usually this would involve a third party application that can read certain sectors of your hard-disk drive. I really wouldn't suggest it if you don't desperately need the history's data.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

It is absolutely not possible to retrieve the cleared history. The history is stored as a temporary data and once if it is cleared, the temporary data is deleted completed from the system memory which cannot be retrieved. There is a chance of getting it back when you use a system restore. But it is not for all the times.


Answer by  aurynbearer (110)

In Windows, it can be done. The most recent versions include a feature called System Restore, which allow us to return the PC's state to a previous, user-defined date.

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