Question by  Martha98 (39)

Can you provide me some tips on traveling to Jones Beach NY with small children?


Answer by  lilbrileigh (49)

If travelling through plane, remember passports, and try to keep your baby to sleep through most of the plane ride, as it disturbs other people on the flight. Travelling through car, bring snacks, money, stay in a motel instead of a hotel since its cheaper, and bring clothes, hygiene necessities.


Answer by  jinyang (52)

Jones Beach is a very popular and crowded beach in New York State. There are a total of ten miles of beach, so you should be able to find some open sand for your kids to play in. Keep close watch on your kids and everyone will enjoy.


Answer by  shonnieg (66)

Buy inexpensive luggage that would stand out and tags. Put your name and phone number only address is not and option. Anti bacterial wipes for germs bring your own pillow or blanket. and also bring somthing that will keep kids entertained. ds, dvd player, books etc...


Answer by  EchoC (553)

Bring snacks and water for the trip, as well as books or games to keep them entertained. Keep close watch on them in the crowds, bringing another adult can help.

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