Question by  Sophia (24)

What is a good touch screen laptop for someone with small children?

I need a new laptop that can be used by myself and my children.


Answer by  hearts (104)

PeeWee Pivot Tablet Laptop is the best and good touch screen laptop for kids . It is also useful for adults . It is worth buying and using this laptop .


Answer by  Buldog60 (98)

I can tell you that I have one of the netbooks. They are a smaller laptop and my 2 year old and wife love it. They are also very affordable.


Answer by  Randy998 (226)

Hello, I know this is probably not what you want to hear but there is really no laptop suitable for small children unless you can guarantee they will not be picking the laptop up etc. If you definitely need to get one I would recommend a panasonic toughbook. They are water proof and built rugged.


Answer by  oubosarah (10)

The good touch screen laptop for you with small children can be IBM. IBM has the good quality and reasonable price and the good after-product service.

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