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Question by  mandiravathi (22)

Can you play college baseball when you are 25 years old?

I am going to walk on for college baseball this year, I am 25.


Answer by  bigreddog (83)

You shouldn't have any major problems as long as you haven't exhausted your athletic eligibility while participating in other sports in college. Your only limitations will be your own ability. The important thing to remember is that NCAA athletes can compete for only five years overall and only four years per individual sport. Good luck.


Answer by  muzzi (39)

yes you can play base ball at an age between 16 to 40. Only thing is that,you need to be physically and mentally fit. Any sorts of injuries or physical disabilities wont allow you to do so. One more thing baseball is not an easy game you need a lot of practice for it. All the best.


Answer by  Craig61 (358)

The rules of eligibility have nothing to do with age only whether or not you have previously attended college and used up any of your eligibility. You should be fine to play as long as you have cleared it with the baseball office. Good Luck!

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