Question by  pinojunkieyahoocom (14)

Can you help me with troubleshooting a Kenmore Elite refrigerator?

It doesn't seem cold enough.


Answer by  Training88 (7)

Before calling a repairman: Check to make sure the seal on the door is secure so nothing obstructs it when it closes. Place a thermometer on the middle shelf to find out what the actual temp is. Make sure the fan is working.


Answer by  luvafrenchie (7)

It can be a couple of things. It can be the fan or the blower. The timer device or the condeser coil. The condeser coils can be dusty and can cause poor cooling. Unplug the refrigerator clean the condensor coils.Check the door seals. Make sure the doors a have a nice seal. The fan or the blower can be broken.


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

The Kenmore Elite often loses coolant so it might need to be serviced by a technician. You can turn down the temperature using the turn dial on the inside. The larger the number the cooler the temperate of the refrigerator. You can also try cleaning the seals to lower the temperature.


Answer by  Russ55 (6)

Check for dirt and ventilation at rear. Check for Ice buildup inside. Is there any frost on the outside. Are any vents blocked? Defrost in any case.


Answer by  JA (81)

One of the first things that you would want to check is what do you have the temp set at? At the top of the refridgerator there are knobs that you turn, make sure it is at least set at the middle. Also make sure the vents are not blocked.

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