Question by  barbwire (30)

Can you help me repair a Zenith XBV343 DVD player?

Or advice me to where I can go to get it repaired.


Answer by  DrHarris (508)

Since it's older, it is likely out of warranty. Getting repairs would likely cost far more than simply buying a new player. Modern DVD/VCR combos can be bought for quite cheap, where repairing your existing player can cost several hundred dollars or more. These days, people rarely get equipment repaired, because it's not economically feasible anymore.


Answer by  fiddlefaddle (883)

Try diagnosing the problem, you can probably fix it yourself if you are handy. Is it playing? Is it reading? Trouble with the sound? Try to google your problem otherwise bring it to your local repair shop, they do miracles with fixing broken electronics.


Answer by  Plussign (15)

You can go to Best Buy and speak with one of the geek squad agents there, they have vast knowledge of electronics such as this dvd player. They have helped me several times with electronics.


Answer by  diamond90 (309)

I suggest you take the dvd player to a tv repair shop, especially if there is an internal/external problem, you also may be able to get a warrenty.


Answer by  MikeLegs (75)

You can usually take it to a electronics store if its something electric i would recommend that you buy a volt meter to test it.

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