Question by  akh (45)

Can you have a jury trial in family court in South Carolina?

Someone told me family court always goes before a judge in South Carolina.


Answer by  Scootron (112)

No, there are no jury trials in family court in South Carolina. Under Rule 9 of the Rules of Court of the South Carolina Family Court, all hearings are conducted by the Court without a jury. The Rule requires that the judge wear a black judicial robe in a judicial atomosphere.


Answer by  CLV66 (73)

Family Court is the only court that can hear cases like domestic disputes, divorces, child custody, alimony, etc. However, there are no jury trials in Family Court in South Carolina. Family Court appeals are heard by the Court of Appeals. It also has the power to hear criminal juvenile cases, but not with a jury.


Answer by  carol35 (47)

Depending on what the issue is, civil or criminal, a jury trial may be deemed necessary. Matters that involve domestic or family relationships typically go through a process that will require a jury trial.


Answer by  bubbagump (94)

Typically, family law matters are settled and negotiated through mediation. Trials in family court are not common because they are really expensive. It will depend on the issue before the court as to whether having a full-blown jury trial in your best interest. Most family court matters like divorce, child custody, visitation and support payments are settled in mediation.


Answer by  moorthi (37)

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Answer by  Colemanbunny (231)

They are right. Family court is always before a judge in South Carolina. Appeals are heard by the Court of Appeals.

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