Question by  OceanTiara27 (158)

Can you grow black rose bushes?

Or do you need to alter the rose color after the fact?


Answer by  flowerpwr (72)

As with most flowers, there are very dark varieties of red and purple roses available but no true black. A popular variety is Black Magic, a very dark red with a satiny finish. For an inky black you may have to dye the cut stems, but this is best left to a florist.


Answer by  seedtosalad (175)

There is not yet any true black rose variety or hybrid. There are dark, dark red varieties that sometimes look black in certain lighting. If you absolutely need black roses, use the darkest color roses you can find and use floral spray to enhance them.


Answer by  irene84 (118)

According to horticulturists, there is no true black rose, but botanists are trying to manipulate DNA to produce a hybrid plant that would grow true black roses.


Answer by  hosneymaruf (182)

After planting black roses in a particular area, water the roses in every two weeks. Please wait till one month for the blooms opened. After couple of months you will get the black rose bushes. Be careful about to plant in direct sunlight. Be ensuring that the bushes will get proper heat and light.

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