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Question by  sswdork133 (19)

Can you give me some tips for my trip to Disneyworld?

It's me, my wife and two kids, 8 and 10.


Answer by  Blockbuster (16)

Disneyworld is a magical place to spend time with your family. Arrive early and stay late. Make sure to take advantage of the Speed Pass options, at the participating events. Strongly recommend packing some snacks/water bottles, because the food can be pricey. Pin trading is great fun for the kids, buy any Disney pin and trade up with the employees.


Answer by  sarah1967 (626)

My greatest tip to you is to put on your walking shoes. There is a lot to see and do but requires tons of walking. Make a list of things you all want to see and do those first. Use fast pass when you can. Always make restaurant reservations ahead of time. To save money bring your own rain gear.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

Pace yourselves. Remember that it is a big place. Get a map ahead of time and mark the rides and the best route to go. try to time the biggest rides for the best time of the day. Enjoy!


Answer by  ClJ (23)

Go in September or February - less crowded. Stay at a Disney hotel for free transport to the parks. Try to get free dining. Above all - have fun!

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