Question by  ctahaney (33)

Can you give me some racquetball tips?

My boss wants to play all the time and I need to improve my game.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

When you are playing, try to get into the center of the court so you can move in any direction efficiently with the shortest number of steps. Practice your shots to hit as low as possible so your opponent does not have time to hit the return.


Answer by  Zanne (45)

Snap your wrist forward as soon as the racquet makes contact with the ball for more power. When returning a serve, strike the ball before it bounces a second time.


Answer by  Kbrece (107)

First you need to make sure you stretch out and warm up. Always follow through properly when hitting the ball. Make sure to have liquids nearby in case you get thirsty.


Answer by  DrYasmin (178)

a. The server must first bounce the ball and then strike it with the racquet. b. stand in the middle of the court (equal distance between each side wall)

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