Question by  squeezius (20)

Can you give me an example of what happens during a collaring ceremony?

I am going to be attending a collaring ceremony for a priest soon and do not know what to expect.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Catholic seminarians receive their collars, which symbolize their union with Christ (shaped like a ring)and always identify them in any circumstance. If there is to be a ceremony, it will be a somber, dignified affair as families surrender their sons to God. There will likely be a Mass with the ceremony taking place before or after.


Answer by  Ken56 (1160)

This will be something like a church service. There will be a mass. The new priest will receive a ring and his collar. It is a solemn dignified affair. Act like you would act in church. It is okay to be upbeat and congratulate the new preist after ceremony.


Answer by  Denise27 (37)

It is a ceremony where this is a dominate person and a slave person. The slave person agrees to complete submission to the dominate. They say vow's and a collar is placed around the neck of the submissive person by the dominate person. The dominate person is the only on who can take the collar off of the sumissive person.


Answer by  Answer90 (69)

The ceremony is simply the presentation of the collar. The symbolism of the collar is shared and acknowledged by the recipient prior to receiving it.


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

The service is much like any other Mass, except that those receiving the sacrament of ordination will have special things to do. The bishop does the ordaining while other priests lay hands on the newly initiated, following ancient traditions. Eucharist will be served.

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