Question by  TFurg1 (14)

Can you give me a review of Mvelopes?


Answer by  Greg21 (6)

Mvelopes is a service that would be appropriate for those who aren't familiar with budgeting, as well as for those that do not have the time to fully plan and implement a budget of their own from scratch. Given the price of the service, Mvelopes would be a good choice for those who want simplicity in their personal finances.


Answer by  catysuzgirl2000 (578)

Mvelopes is a money management tool and also a personal finance software that is also known as Finicity Money Manager. It operates on the envelope budget system of saving part of your income weekly and needs no software download on your computer.


Answer by  salsafoodie (3146)

Basically it is a fee based budget website were you can import items into the system and mvelopes will automatically create a budget for you.


Answer by  Geez (224)

Mvelopes an online financial application, is proactive in managing your money instead of just reacting to problems that are long past. Though it is an expensive software, it is efficient. So it is highly recommended. It could use some upgrading in terms of cosmetic appearance but functionally it is still very sound.


Answer by  melissa23 (1002)

Mvelopes is a great program which can get you to be more organized with your spending. The only negative thing I have heard is that its tiring.

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