Question by  VivekRathee (103)

Can you give me a review of a Masterbuilt electric turkey fryer?

I want to buy an electric turkey fryer.


Answer by  Gina562 (7)

I think that this Masterbuilt electric turkey fryer is one of the best things that I have ever purchased. It was just so great and also this very helpful electric turkey fryer cooked my turkey just the way that I like it. My turkey is never ever too dry, so it's just the perfect way to cook your turkey.


Answer by  tumsy (467)

This is basically a super-sized deep fryer, this unit can cook a turkey up to 14 pounds just like the larger,propane powered units. Without an open flame this fryer cannot take a turkey bigger than 14 pounds and it does take a while to heat up. The fryer is available in stainless.


Answer by  Inked (278)

They're a decent company - they have a variety of fryer's available in all types of designs. They have small to larger fryers because those turkeys can take up a lot of space, esp if they're larger than 10lbs. The make and model of most of the fryers appears durable and trustworthy.


Answer by  abby87 (40)

The electric turkey fryer is a massive indoor fryer with an adjustable thermostat to control the temperature of the fryer. The cooking pot is coated in porcelain, with a folding lid which holds the timer. The lid also has a small window in which to check the meat.

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