Question by  Monosuki (35)

Can you give dogs Benadryl?


Answer by  sspugs (496)

Yes - you can give a dog 1mg per pound of body weight. So, if your dog weighs 25 Lbs you can give it 1 whole pill (each pill is 25mg). You can give it up to 4 times a day. Great for itch - keeps them drowsy.


Answer by  RunawayJim (964)

You should check with a vet, but my vet advised me to give my dog half of a benadryl allery when he had an allergic reaction to a bee sting, so I would think that it is ok for most dogs.


Answer by  daisygirl (114)

You should never give animals any human medication without checking with your vet first as there can be harmful side effects to the animal. You may want to try changing the food you feed. However, it may not be an allergy causing itching. There are many parasites in dogs that can cause the itching.


Answer by  MathWiz (1408)

You can, but you must give the dog Benadryl that has NOTHING ELSE in it. Just the active ingredient, no headache medicine or anything else like that. The amount is determined by weight. My dog was scared of getting in the car, so we had to give him Benadryl (recommended by the vet) to bring him to the vet.


Answer by  keiki (1376)

Yes, Benadryl is often used to help with allergies that dogs might have. Benadryl doesn't have the same sleepiness affect on dogs that it does on humans.


Answer by  Trueakitalover (1728)

Yes, you have to give 1 pill for a small dog and more for a larger dog. I would consult with your vet, before doing so they know the dosage amount for dog's.


Answer by  hulmer (1067)

Yes, most dogs can tolerate Benadryl. Do NOT administer this drug (or any drug) to your dog without first consulting your veterinarian for the proper dose.


Answer by  lovelife (998)

Yes, you can give a dog Benadryl, and the usually dosage is 1mg per pound of body weight. However, it is always best to consult with your veterinarian before giving, to assure that is the best course of treatment. Be careful in giving to small breeds where exact dosage is important.


Answer by  aussiegirl (711)

I know benadryl syrup can be used for the treatment of kennel cough in dog's, along with antibioctics. But I would not reccomend using any people medication with out the supervision of a Vet. If you are asking about the antihistamine tablets, I would say no. Speak to your vet as people medication can cause serious damage.


Answer by  worker2592 (117)

Yes, it is ok to do so. Do this in small amounts though so to not overdose the animal. This will cause the animal to become drowsy and sleep more.


Answer by  Isidro (624)

Yes you can give dogs this it is bine around for a long time and its been tested to give some side effects but should be okay to use.

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