Question by  DrG (12)

Can you explain chcl3 polarity?

I need it in very simple terms.


Answer by  lonewolfah (21)

CHCL3 is polar because there are 3 chlorines and 1 hydrogen evenly spaced around carbon. Chlorine is highly electronegative; it pulls electrons from other atoms in molecules. Chlorine-Chlorine cancels out, but the H-C-Cl bond, Chlorine is across from hydrogen and pulls its electron, causing polarity with electrons centered around chlorine.


Answer by  abq22 (12)

ChCl3 is a polar molecule because the 3 negative charges of the Cl- overpower the 1 positive charge of H+. The polarity of this molecule will therefore go in the direction of the average of the molecular charges which would make the negative pole by the Cl-'s and the positive pole in the direction of the H+.

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