Question by  Ali (29)

Can you describe the design and colors of a papal flag?

Who uses a papal flag?


Answer by  mandriloquai (324)

The flag of the State of Vatican or papal flag is square and divided vertically by the middle into two equal parts or fields. It has a gold yellow field on the left (hoist side) and the Vatican City coat of arms (the papal tiara over the crossed keys of St Peter) over a white right field.


Answer by  Mjindy (21)

The papal flag is a square flag with two vertical stripes, one gold and one white. In the center of the white stipe is the Vatican City Coat of Arms, consisting of the papal tiara and the two keys of St. Peter. This flag is displayed worldwide in Roman Catholic institutions.


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

The official flag of Vatican City consists of two vertical stripes: gold and white. The pope's coat of arms is on the white portion. The papal tiara sits atop two crossed keys; one gold for heavenly power, the other silver for earthly power. A red cord holds the keys together.


Answer by  S93 (524)

The papal flag is used by the Vatican, otherwise known as the Catholic church. The left third of the flag is yellow, almost gold in color, and the other two thirds are white, with two keys crossing.

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