Question by  Amy27 (9)

Can you cook a Cuban thick pork chop in the crock pot?

I love Cuban pork chops but have never tried them in the crock pot.


Answer by  lilraesdad (41)

You can cook just about anything in a crock pot. The pork chops would not taste like you are used to them tasting though. Even if you use the same seasoning. The crock pot would make them very tender and likely to fall apart since they would be slow cooked.


Answer by  bibiuser (85)

Of course you can! Crock pots are one of the best ways to prepare any pork chops. Start by braising the meat first in a skillet. Once done season and cook in the crock pot on low for 5-7 hours.


Answer by  Baker325 (20)

Yes, a thick pork chop will do just fine slow cooked in a crock pot. Just cook it on low heat for six hours.


Answer by  niku (28)

Absolutely! Season the pork chops then brown them. In your crock pot, add the pork, veggie's, spices and braising liquid and cook until very tender.


Answer by  mc (74)

Yes, you can cook them in the crock pot, kind of like a pork tenderloin. The meat gets very tender in the crock pot. I think it is a good way to cook them because of their thickness they tend to not be so tender.

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