Question by  rot (91)

Can tropical fish live with red tail sharks?


Answer by  craftheart (392)

Red tail sharks are often aggressive so it is not a good choice to add them to a tank which houses small tropical fish. The sharks do much better when kept with larger fish.


Answer by  ladybud (1069)

YES red tale shark's are bottom feeder's,They are not carnivore's or aggressive.They do well in a community tank with other tropical fish.


Answer by  Mable (3008)

Yes, they can. The red tail shark (not actually a shark) may nip though, so put it with faster fish the red tail shark is less likely to catch. Some quick ones include the Danios, Raspboras, and some of the Tetras. Spinier fish like Plecos and Raphaels are not so tasty to it, either.


Answer by  kirbyd (117)

Tropical fish can probably not live with the red tail sharks. Red tail sharks are freshwater fish and if you have tropical fish they are probably salt water.


Answer by  Purple (948)

Yes, we did it for years. Red Tail sharks are not aggressive and they can grow really big if they have enough room in the aquarium. Tropical fish are nice fish and live good with the red tail shark. They all can grow big so they need to grow together or else the small one's will get eaten.


Answer by  itsjujubeans (80)

tropical fish can live with red-tailed sharks only if there is sufficient room in the aquarium. Red tails are very aggressive and only get even more aggressive as they age. they will need lots of space to themselves so that they don't bully other fish.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Yes they can but there is a danger of them being eaten with these red tail sharks. It is such a shame because the tropical fish are such pretty sea creatures. In the end, I recommend them not living with the sea sharks due to the whole extinct effect it will have.


Answer by  Frank39 (21)

Yes they can...If the tropical fish you select are considered peaceful couminity fish it should work. Stay away from adding sharks to an aquarium housinng more agressive fish like cichlids. Chiclids are very aggresive and will kill the sharks

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