Question by  georgepaul (89)

Can they make tattoos from drawings?


Answer by  handyhelper (101)

Yes. All tattoos originate as drawings. If you do not have the drawing with you, the tattoo artist will draw your tattoo out for you before they will actually imprint it. Sometimes they charge extra for this.


Answer by  HeyJude137 (46)

Yes and no. If the artist thinks that the drawing will work as a tattoo, they can make a stencil of it and transfer it onto the skin. If they decided it won't work, they may suggest altering it a bit.


Answer by  Kay67 (122)

Absolutely. If you bring the drawing, you and the artist can discuss any changes or they may suggest something to make it more appealing. You may even want to go to several artists with your drawing to see what kind of feedback you get.


Answer by  tattoo2 (11)

Yes they can. I took in a drawing I did of wings and the tattoo artist simply copied it onto transferable paper, which he then placed on my skin. The ink the transfered to my skin, and he was able to trace over the drawing with the tattoo needle. They can even resize your drawing if needed.

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