Question by  Mary (2095)

Can they garnish a vets disability payments?

My husband is on disability and I am concerned about them garnishing it.


Answer by  GrandmereC (145)

VA disability compensation that is received in lieu of waived military retired pay can be garnished for child support and for alimony. A portion can be garnished which is determined by of military pay that has been waived. Without that fact I couldn't tell you how much it is.


Answer by  BrianC2 (117)

I think most Federal statutes prohibit garnishment if the monies owed are to private individuals. I've heard that there are some exceptions to the rule. Apparently child support money can be taken if it goes through the appropriate channels. You should really talk to an attorney versed in this.


Answer by  JoeyT (78)

A good resource about this information could be searched for. Look for VA regulations, at 38 C. F. R. ยงยง 3. 450 - 3. 461. I have no doubt that there is fine print somewhere that none of us have heard about. You could also contact your regional VA office for info.


Answer by  TheAnswerFairy (2345)

Any kind of wages can be garnished if the person is not paying the debts they owe money on. You can try to negotiate a settlement if you are worried.

Reply by BlueEyes3b5 (121):
Actually only child support and alimony would apply in this case. Social Security Disability and SSI also have their own rules for garnishment.  add a comment
posted by Anonymous
Disability is not wages, Fairy. You really should read more on the subject before you chatter on...  add a comment

Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

A disability payment cannot be garnished except to pay child support. However, to protect the payment, it is best to put the disability check in a separate checking account that is used to pay bills, not an account that is held with anyone else or used for anything else.

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