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Question by  single8977 (3)

Can someone give me info on (Hyrax) Removable Rapid Palatal Expander so that I can speak properly?

I can't miss three months of college classes because of this.


Answer by  amber33 (1941)

I would recommend talking to your dentist or orthodontist about getting the kind of expander that is best for you or the certain one that you want. They have labs that they use that make different products like this and can help you with your needs.


Answer by  malone (4817)

Talk to your orthodontist. A "removable" palate expander is just that: removable. Take it out when you need to speak. Your dentist should have explained all this. If you are unclear, give him a call.

Reply by single8977 (3):
Yes i had a word with him & he says its the best possible treatment(Hyrax)and i am quite convinced with his explanations.But i really want my speech to be fixed,but its hard to go to college like that for 3months :(  add a comment
Reply by single8977 (3):
well i asked this question around 5-6 months back!i had to bear with it,everythings cool now and soon i'll be removing my braces.anyway thanks buddy  add a comment

Answer by  gauthamanm (64)

Ask your doctor to remove it and set it after 3months and don't try to remove it of your own you may not do it correctly.


Answer by  jessicat1982 (162)

I would speak with your orthodontist about any problems you may have, if it is 'removable' then why not just take it out when your speaking.

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