Question by  samantha00 (1)

Can my boyfriend, who is an illegal, get his papers fixed since we have a kid now?

He is here illegally from Mexico.


Answer by  Thejones (227)

No. The best idea would be for you to file for a Fiancee Visa. It will allow him to stay legally in the USA, but will require you to be married within 90 days once it is approved. The normal approval process can take about 3-6 months at a minimum.


Answer by  sj24 (76)

Having a US born citizen as your child does not automatically make the parents legal. If you are a US citizen your boyfriend can apply for a Green Card at best as your dependent. Green Card applied for family members usually takes close to ten years. For more information go to USCIS.Gov.


Answer by  wennifred (597)

Short answer is no, he can't. It might be possible if he had a petition filed on his behalf before 2001, or if he arrived here legally (with a visa). Otherwise under current law it is impossible. You can hope that the government extends amnesty to all illegals soon.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, you can apply for immigration now but that will raise a lot of doubt since he arrived illegally. You need to hire a lawyer.

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