Question by  Di43 (8)

Does castor oil help hair growth?

I am going bald.


Answer by  camarotim (315)

Yes,castor oil helps hair growth and prevents hair loss. Castor oil stimulates hair follicles which causes new and faster growth.


Answer by  lexuslady315 (635)

I have never heard of castor oil but I do personally use olive oil and it has helped with me regrowing hair. just a small amount you do not want the hair you do have to look dirty.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

Castor oil has been used for hair treatments for a long time and many people swear it will help your hair grow. The brand recommended is Jamaican Black Castor Oil. People gets results just rubbing the oil on their scalp. This oil is usually found either in a grocery store or a drugstore. It can also be bought online.


Answer by  strawberry (124)

The best thing you can do is go to your doctor and see what your doctor says about going bald. That would be the thing you can do.

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There are allot of bald doctors out there!  add a comment
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