Question by  balajee (14)

Can I use an AT&T blackberry on the Alltel network?

My husband is changing our cell phone network from AT&T to Alltel, I love my blackberry and it is relatively new.


Answer by  Manda (1103)

Yes, you can use an AT&T blackberry on the Alltel network. AT&T and Alltel have merged, so it's just one company now.


Answer by  worker7220 (77)

No you can not. AT&T places software on all of their phone that make them only compatible with the AT&T network. Also Alltell's network will not reconize the IMEI numer on the back of it as one of their own.


Answer by  worker72 (33)

AT&T uses SIM cards in their phones, Verizon does not, and Alltel is now Verizon. Since the AT&T phones have to have the SIM card to work, it will NOT work on the Verizon network. It'll only work on networks that have phones that use SIM cards.


Answer by  fairee (181)

AT&T and Alltel use different technologies. Alltel is a CDMA network and you will not be able to use an AT&T phone on this network.


Answer by  worker8274 (43)

It is possible to use any phone from any network a different network as long as the phone is unlocked. Unlocking the phone may be difficult but it is possible to do. Blackberry smart phones are not the hardest to unlock, but they can be tricky. When you find instructions be sure to follow them or you risk malfunction.


Answer by  worker1665 (41)

You will have to finish your contract with AT&T by paying some money including cellphone's price, and then tell Alltel networks that you want to use your existing Blackberry.

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