Question by  Alex69 (32)

How do you merge three excel data files into one?

I need to merge many files into one.


Answer by  pdash (63)

If two of the workbooks are shared copies of the other, they can be merged by clicking Tools-->Compare-->Merge Workbooks on the master. Else, a VBA macro using Sheets(). Move function will be needed.


Answer by  paulat (19)

Data in multiple worksheets can by consolidated into one table; either as one worksheet, on multiple sheets within the same workbook or in different workbooks. The consolidation is done by applying a summy function, for example – the SUM() function which will create the data in a summary.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

The best thing to do that is to use Visual Basic. You can open one fiele after the other and access the first page of the file with it.


Answer by  mani (813)

Selectsheet to be copied in the desired location in the workbook. Give newname. Select the special process "[102] (*. Xls). Convert XLS can automatically rename , overwrite the newly created sheet(s),

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