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Question by  johnnyoptiks (31)

Can I still buy Disney movies on VHS?

I don't have a DVD player and my grandkids love those movies.


Answer by  cubbykatz (293)

Disney is no longer releasing their movies onto VHS, so you can't buy new ones. However you can try yard sales, and used video stores. You mighty get lucky.


Answer by  thewerewolfmage (520)

I don't believe anything is currently being produced on VHS but the good news is that VHS tapes can be bought online or at yard sales and usually cheaply.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

You might be able to find some at a used record store, but even that is becoming rare. You could also check craigslist to see if anyone is selling a lot of them.


Answer by  jmrdflcarpenter (515)

Yes you can. You can find them on Amazon, eBay, or your local second hand used stores, you wont find brand new, but you can still find used VHS tapes.

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