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Question by  arunil (66)

Can I play Bluray DVDs on my Xbox 360?


Answer by  Sting1 (686)

No, that's not possible as the Xbox 360 doesn't have a blu-ray player built in. Voices were that Microsoft in the future could add an external player (as an optional accessory), but it has never been confirmed.


Answer by  UberArceus200 (97)

The Xbox 360 DVD player does not support Bluray DVD's. You can play almost any other DVD though. However, the Playstation 3 does support Bluray DVDs to play on it. There is no way to play a Bluray DVD on the Xbox 360 so you might consider buying a Playstation 3 if you wish.


Answer by  might79 (14)

No,it's a Sony exclusive so you can only play bluray on th PS3 the Xbox 360 will play HD DVDs


Answer by  might79 (14)

the sony play station three is the only gaming system with the ability to play blu-ray discs and also the ps3 game discs are blu-ray but you need a HD ready tele-vision to be able to do anything in HD.


Answer by  Olucon (19)

The Xbox 360 does not have a Blueray installed. It used to have a HD-DVD upgrade, but that has been discontinued.


Answer by  bigred72101 (40)

No, you cannot. The only videogame system that can play Bluray DVDs is the Playstation 3. The Xbox 360 can still play normal DVDs, but will not recognize a Bluray DVD.


Answer by  Adi (175)

No, it's a Sony exclusive so you can only play Bluray on the PS3. The Xbox 360 will play HD DVDs.


Answer by  faiazhalim (7)

No you cannot play Bluray DVDs on your previous version of Xbox 360. However with the launching of new Xbox 360 some people hoped that Bluray will be included in new version, but its not. So there is still no way to play a Bluray DVD in a Xbox 360.


Answer by  Xayne (177)

You can not play your Bluray DVDs on an Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 does on contain the hardware inside it to play Bluray movie, but it does have the hardware to play normal DVDs. Only the PS3 system has the hardware to play Bluray movies.


Answer by  bill29 (16)

They cannot play on the Xbox 360, only thing that will play are DVDs and HD DVDs. However in 2008 Microsoft stopped offering HD-DVD players within their consoles. Who knows how long before Microsoft implements bluray in their consoles. One thing is that Sony Playstation 3 can play blu ray discs.


Answer by  Spaz (21)

The XBOX 360 gaming system currently does not have the ability to play Blu-Ray discs. It can, with a seperately purchased external drive, play HD-DVD. HD-DVD being dead, the drive is not worth the purchase. There are rumors of Microsoft adding Blu-Ray compatibility, likely through another external drive, some time down the line.


Answer by  uglybanter (16)

I'm sorry to say that the Xbox 360 does NOT have the ability to play Bluray DVDs. However, the Playstation 3 DOES have the ability to do so. So if you haven't bought a game system yet I would go with that one.


Answer by  Cypress (166)

An Xbox 360 that was manufactured before 2008 does not have the internal Blu-ray drive that is required for Blu-ray.

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