Question by  ILLGotti (38)

Can I install a wireless home intercom system myself?

I am pretty handy.


Answer by  KWDave (137)

Test your system in the locations you will want to use them before you attach anything permanently. Some transmitters have limited range and signal strength, and the wiring in your home can prevent signals in some zones. Once you have tested, the installation is easy.


Answer by  mem4dr (1378)

If you have some handy-man skills already, then it shouldn't be too difficult. There are kits that you can buy with good instructions that you can follow.


Answer by  don91 (38)

Anyone who calls themselves pretty handy can surely install such a system. Frankly, the instruction on the package are more than enough for most. Just make sure everything is plugged in and has enough batteries and you'll be fine.

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