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Question by  UncleB (11)

Why do some people say to never buy a house that is in a neighborhood with a Home Owners Association?

I want to understand the cons to HOA.


Answer by  kimber18 (514)

It depends on what you are looking for, how you look at things. HOA's can be restrictive to things you can cannot do to your property. They can fine you for not keeping it up, and for making improvements not approved. On the other hand, they keep neighborhoods consistant, so property values are not affected by "bad" nieghbors.


Answer by  Mable (3008)

There are often restrictions in a HOA neighborhood, and neighbors can be very particular and even pushy about their enforcement.


Answer by  pilot (204)

A Home Owners Association is generally controlled by a few executives, these few can have complete control over how your home and yard look and can greatly limit your freedom.


Answer by  reliable92 (11)

Homeowners' associations can be quite restrictive. Depending upon the covenants, they may limit the color you may paint your house, types of landscaping, what types of vehicles you may park in your driveway, and many other decisions that are typically left to the individual homeowner. Additionally, most HOAs have annual dues.


Answer by  amswplusone (652)

Often a HOA will restrict your ability to alter the outside of your house, to decorate (paint, holiday decorations, etc. ), add buildings (tool sheds, etc. ), and they may charge dues.

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