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Question by  rano123 (109)

Can dental pain cause upper jaw and ear pain?


Answer by  SunnyStars (836)

Dental pain is usually the result of some type of tooth trauma that has caused an infection. Infection and pain can spread to your upper jaw and cause ear pain.


Answer by  draiman1515 (156)

I absolutely know this to be true. When I have had an abscess tooth, the gum swells, and makes the jaw ache very much. It also feels like I have an ear infection. When having a broken tooth, the cold gets in there, and the same results occur for me. Very painful from the chin up!


Answer by  silverfinger (25)

Yes, any sort of pain in a general area can effect the rest of that area. If you are having dental pain, that may be causing your jaw to have to in a different way, causing pain.


Answer by  vir (118)

yes being a dentist i can guide you that if you have a wisdom tooth erupting or upper or lower tooth with abcess it can cause jaw and ear pain.

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