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Question by  Joven (163)

Could having pain in my jaws associated with a tooth ache be an indication of periodontal ligament injury?

I have what is considered periodontal ligament pain and am concerned that I have caused permanent damage.


Answer by  donnybrasco (170)

Depends on the type of pain. Pain associated with a toothache is different than pain in the jaw due to a ligament injury. They two are most likely not connected.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

That could be part of the reason but probably not the reason for the indication of periodontal ligament injury. You should go to the periodontist and get a professional opinion.


Answer by  mahee (720)

Basically it depends on what types of the pain. Probably periodental ligament injury is the cause of pain. You should go to the periodontist and professional opinion.


Answer by  enu (452)

Yes ,peridontal ligament injury causes pain in the jaws with toothache. The gums and bone surrounding the tooth structure when infected leads to root infection thereby causing pain.

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