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Question by  worker1367 (25)

Can constipation be caused by a stomach virus?


Answer by  Kimi (432)

It is very unlikely for a stomach virus to cause constipation. Short term constipation is more often due to medication or supplements, diet, or hormonal imbalance.

Reply by rgbird55 (0):
I disagree. After a stomach virus (typically dehydration occurs) you must consciously rehydrate and I recommend taking a broad spectrum probiotic (you usually find in refrigerated section of health food store) with a meal for at least one week.  add a comment

Answer by  mammakat (11147)

The virus itself will not have caused constipation- however if you became dehydrated, stopped eating for a bit, etc you may become constipated. The very best solution, and best for your overall health it fluids, and prunes- don't think "ICK", prunes are just dried plums, and tasty. My mother would stew them briefly in water, and they are actually delicious.


Answer by  vikassevenstargmailcom (6)

Sometimes Constipation is caused by stomach virus or bacteria. Basically everybody knows about the bacteria, but there are very few paoples who know about the "D"-VIRUSES. These viruses causes constipation.


Answer by  mturk59 (53)

It is possible that a stomach virus can contribute to constipation. Usually, a stomach virus is more likely to cause diarrhea; however, as the body naturally fights off the virus, or medicine is administered, the body temperature increases to fever, stressing and slowing internal organs. This is a rare effect.

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