Question by  Ginakeys (178)

Can chlamydia live outside your body?

I am concerned that I came in contact with someone with chlamydia.


Answer by  Feasel (1766)

No it can't. Chlamydia along with most other std need the kind of atmosphere genitals give them to survive. The only std you should worry about that can live on the surface of your body is herpes.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

No. Chlamydia is a disease that can only be transmitted sexually and cannot live airborne for very long. Unless you came in close sexual contact with the person that has chlamydia then you have nothing to be concerned about.


Answer by  sunshine87 (12)

It's very unlikely that you picked up chlamydia from someone without having sex with them. Chlamydia like most bacteria cannot live very long outside it's preferred host environment. Though the unlikeliness is high it is a good idea to get yourself checked by a doctor. Chlamydia is one of the leading STIs.


Answer by  Olin (101)

No. Chlamydia can only live in the following locations: the eye's cornea, the fallopian tube, the cervix, and the urethra.


Answer by  river (1226)

No, it has to come in contact with a particular tissue in order to infect. Just touching your skin won't give it to you. It needs the right amount of moisture and temperature to survive.


Answer by  DesertRat (699)

What sort of contact? Were you both in the same room? That's not enough, unless she was carrying a petri dish with the chlamydia, and smeared it on you.

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