Question by  diabl0 (22)

Is a Spyder Victor II a good gun for a beginner?

I am just started playing paintball and I want my own gun.


Answer by  Elliott92 (12)

The Spyder Victor II by Kingman is a very good choice for a beginning paintball player. First, it is a semi automatic marker at a relatively low price of around 80-90 dollars online. The setup is easy to use with the capability of using larger co2 tanks. Just remember to get a good hopper and tank and you'll be golden.


Answer by  bfleming (7)

Yes this is a great beginner gun. The stock barrel makes it less accurate and loud. This can be easily replaced with an after market barrel. It is lightweight and small. This gun shoots 8-10 balls per second with great accuracy. I would recommend this to anyone new in the paintball world.


Answer by  Pcrosthwait (11)

The Spyder Victor II is an economical, reliable gun that is easy to use and very accurate. Overall the gun is an excellent choice for novice paintball players.


Answer by  syllabus69 (114)

Spyders are very good beginner guns for new paintballers. They are not complicated and are easy to clean and repair


Answer by  DanielJames (4)

The Spyder Victor II is a great choice for a first gun as it's easily upgradable if you wish to continue the sport. It's also easy to maintain so you won't get confused easily.

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