Question by  mprcy (5)

Can an employer refuse to send a copy of your W2 or W4 or I9 paperwork from your file because the HR department is in another state?

I want to see how I filled these out the day I started work. The forms have been sent to the corporate office.


Answer by  Jesse68 (126)

No employer can deny you the right to a copy of any kind of paper work. Especially a W2 form, regardless of what state the company is in. It is againt the law for them to deny you this paper work, and the company knows this. To obtain this information call the HR department and demand a copy.


Answer by  linsm (898)

Large corporations often have their corportate offices in another state. You do have the right to the information in your employee file though. Your local Human Resources Department should obtain the information for you, or provide you with the company policy and contact information in obtaining this information.

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