Question by  Mike1346 (35)

Can allergies make your glands swell?


Answer by  donnellyspencer (65)

Yes, allergies can in fact make your glands swell. With most common allergy symptoms, your lymph nodes and glands can swell causing irritation. They are located on the sides of your neck, just under your jaw. The swelling of the glands is often times what causes most of the irritation associated with allergies.


Answer by  Darkephoenix (1789)

Yes, they can. Particularly in the eye, nose and throat areas. Swelling can also be noticed in the lymph nodes due to allergies.


Answer by  ITanalyst (57)

Allergies can cause swelling of your lymph nodes since your body if fighting off the infection the allergic reaction is causing in your body.


Answer by  cmaopep (239)

I had read before that allergies could cause a swelling of ones lymph nodes, but I'm fairly certain that that can be caused by other afflictions as well. As far as from my own personal experience with allergies can attest, I've never had that particular problem but it might only occur in more serious cases.

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