Question by  Rincon787 (52)

Can a vanishing twin and brown bleeding be related?


Answer by  THEMEDIC (50)

No, a vanishing twin cannot be related to brown bleeding. In vanishing twin cases, one of the twins is absorbed completely or expelled out during pregnancy. Brown bleeding usually indicates old blood coming out and in almost all cases its normal. It generally occurs when the menstrual products are not cleared out completely during the menstrual cycle.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Not necessarly, brown bleeding is for the most part old blood and is likely blood that has been around in your uterus/cervix for some time. Most the time brown bleeding is left over blood etc from your last menstrual cycle. If the blood becomes read you will want to contact your doctor.


Answer by  Jenna16 (224)

Yes, a vanishing twin and brown bleeding can most definitely be related. Other signs that may be indicative of a vanishing twin are uterine cramping and pain in the pelvis. Many times the fetus will be reabsorbed by the mother's body, the mother may miscarry the twin naturally, or in some cases, a D&C may be necessary.


Answer by  Ali41 (1593)

Yes, it can be related, but it may not necessarily be the same. Sometimes with a vanishing twin, you will bleed a bit - and brown "bleeding" is just older blood. Sometimes brown bleeding is leftover implantation spotting.


Answer by  bunkerhill (825)

Yes, my sister actually thought she was having a miscarriage. She also had cramps, liquid in the abdomen and severe pain.


Answer by  jlwilson6 (1098)

It is always a possibility. Doctor's say that if the blood is bright red it could just be minor irritation from intercourse or activity, while brown or dark red blood could be a problem or possibly labor.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

There is no medical proof that brown bleeding is the result of the loss of a vanishing twin. IN fact it is believed that brown blood is old blood that was left over from a previous injury, menstrual cycle or implantation spotting. If you notice bright red bleeding you should call your doctor.

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