Question by  wilson41 (2)

What is a vanishing twin?

Does it mean one of your babies died?


Answer by  anniekiefera (359)

Yes, sadly. In most cases both babies are detected very early on in the pregnancy. Then the next appointment the other baby is not detected. Usually the baby is reabsorbed into the mother or the twin that is still surviving. Vanishing twin syndrome generally happens with at least half of assisted pregnancies.


Answer by  Ali41 (1593)

Yes. What happens is that you start out with two implanted embryos and one of them doesn't make it for some reason. The other fetus that is healthy takes over and eventually the signs of the fetus that didn't make it go away. You may experience some bleeding due to the loss.


Answer by  laura7373 (409)

A vanishing twin is wehre on just seems to disaper but actually the body absorbs it or whe the baby is born it is in the placeta and you can see its tiny body

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