Question by  b87 (30)

Can a 29 year old man be circumcised?

I am 29 and would like to be circumcised.


Answer by  Iamstrong (659)

There is no medical reason for not having the procedure. Circumcision is performed under general anesthesia. The foreskin is removed via cutting and then the edges are stitched together. The ares/wound heals without special dressing (cover)and stitches dissolve. While some men are not adversely affected, others experience emotional loss.


Answer by  ToralDwivedi (606)

Any man can go for circumcision. You must not be diabetic before operation. Circumcision should be done at your age only if your foreskin of penis does not return to normal position after sexual intercourse. If you have adopted a religion like muslim at this age so late, you should undergo circumcision. If there is straining for urinating, get operated.


Answer by  John (9008)

A circumcision can be done on a man of any age. It is done differently on an adult than on a newborn, however. While still a relatively minor procedure, it is a form of outpatient surgery. It takes several days to recover, which are usually spent at home. Insurance is very unlikely to cover this procedure for an adult.


Answer by  Taran (716)

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Answer by  Anonymous

Yes do it! Being blunt.. It affects your sex life. Try having sex and having to pull all that skin back it gets in the way and your entire penis wont enter your spouse I know my husband I 40 he got it done now our sex life is WOW!!

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