Question by  Laura73 (13)

At what age can a minor drive?


Answer by  MSH (305)

It depends where your live, but generally 16 year old to be able to apply for a license, then there are restriction on when and where you can drive. There is also restrictions on who can be in the car with you and the amount of people allowed in the car at one time.


Answer by  Jackson78 (145)

This will depend on the jurisdiction and the state law. Usually, the minimum age is 16 with proof of some sort of driver's training course (unless he has a learner's permit and is accompanied by a licensed driver). The age requirement may only apply to 'public roadways' as opposed to 'private property'


Answer by  patti (29325)

The law varies from state-to-state. A learner's permit can be issued in some states to 14. 5 year old. Most states require a holding period of at least 6 months before the test can be taken for a driver's license. In South Carolina, Idaho, Louisiana and several other states 15-year old can be licensed to drive.


Answer by  janderson1978 (22)

In the state of Nebraska a 16 year old can obtain a provisional operators permit, which is in effect until they turn 18.

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