Question by  StaceyM (39)

Are witchcraft horror novels any good?


Answer by  benstac (1928)

There are some good ones out there that I enjoy. I do not practice Wicca or anything like that, so to some they may be offensive to the religion, but if you are reading horror for pleasure, there are a some popular series at the junior level.


Answer by  Darkephoenix (1789)

If you're looking at if from a Pagan's point of view. Not especially. Taking into account that most authors of "witchcraft" horror wouldn't know real witchcraft if it popped up and bit them. Books like the Rowan Gant series by M. R. Sellers or the Bast series by Rosemary Edgehill are excellent examples of good witchcraft horror/mystery novels.


Answer by  Vllad45 (1886)

This depends on your standpoint; if you know nothing about the craft, then they may be good, but if you are a practicing witch or are well read in the area, the stories are likely to come off as trite. And the errors may drive you crazy as you read them.


Answer by  Duncan (1124)

It depends on whether you like that type of story. The quality of writing in the genre is quite low, so unless you are looking for it, you'll be disappointed.


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

It probably depends on the witchcraft horror novel. Some (like Carrie) are very good. I recommend you read user book reviews on Amazon. com before you buy a new book just to see what people think and if other people liked it if you're concerned.

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