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Question by  naresh99 (24)

Are Wagner power tools good?

I want to buy my husband a set for Valentine's Day, and I need to make sure they are an okay brand.


Answer by  slickytfox (235)

I am very familiar with the Wagner painting products such as compressors and spray guns. If you are referring to these, then I would say that yes, they are an okay brand. You should not expect heavy, heavy use out of them. They are good for small, occasional projects as over use tends to shorten their life span.

Reply by love2canu (1):
I have a set of cordless tools. Being a woman, I appreciate the light circular saw. It is great for the small projects that I do. However, the battery charger has died and I can't find a replacement. Can you tell me where I could find one?  add a comment
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