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Question by  Irfan (20)

Are toys containing PVC's harmful?


Answer by  ms45 (49)

There is not enough research to prove that PVC in toys can harm children's health. However, phthalates frequently found in PVC toys are known carcinogen and may also cause infertility. It is hard to determine how much exposure a child has to the chemical making it challenging to prove with certainty that the toys are dangerous.


Answer by  brettsmart (63)

There isn't any research to prove that PVC is harmful to anybody. The myth of it is that if might cause infertility but it is uncertain how much it would take to cause or if it does cause it in anyone. so my answer is no its not harmful but watch the papers to know for certain.


Answer by  amswplusone (652)

Playing with a toy with PVC content is not inherently harmful. Even if a child puts these toys in their mouth they are at no risk (from the PVC; choking is obviously a seperate issue).

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