Question by  debi (19)

Are there risks with having twins after a miscarriage?


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Miscarriage does not increase your chances of twins. Twins either occur because you have an egg split into two different eggs after implantation has occurred or you have released more than one egg during that cycle. There are no ways to insure that you have twins, while there has been an increase with the onset of fertility treatments.


Answer by  MarcusAntonious (36)

As far as I'm aware, there is no specifically high risk of having twins after a miscarriage. The only things that can increase the risk of having twins are family history (lots of twins in your family), or certain fertility drugs and fertility methods.


Answer by  niyati (23)

If the twins are in different embryonic sacs but share the same chronic sac ,then there is chance of any problem but if they share a same embryonic sac(the inner sac)then the umblical cords could become entwined cutting off one or both the babies.

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