Question by  Caryn85 (418)

Can one twin survive a miscarriage?

I had a miscarriage and am having twins, could one have survived.


Answer by  ApprenticeJenn (959)

It is a possibility and depends on a lot of factors. You should call your physician TODAY for an exam and ultrasound. If one twin has survived, you may need to take special precautions for the rest of your pregnancy. If neither fetus survived, your physician may recommend a D&C.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

In rare cases it's possible that one survived, but honestly it's rare. Just as always if you have a miscarriage you should go to your doctor to get checked out. You want them to make sure that nothing is wrong with your body and to make sure that it carried out the miscarriage process properly.


Answer by  sweta (73)

if earlies miscarriage is done completely and no infection of that then one easily survive twins. its depends on the healthiness of the placenta and cord.


Answer by  RRGKK (412)

It is rare for this situation to occur, but it does happen. As far as I know, the twins must be fraternal for this to occur. Identical twins often share a placenta, therefore both tend to miscarry. If you think it is a possibility, please see your OB/GYN. They can always check and you may need a DNC as well.


Answer by  mani (813)

Yes. It is called vanishing twin syndrome. In the first instance the remaining twin will do the best. But in case of second and third the risk is higher.

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